by Siufeng


Parker Quink Ink

Parker Quink ink is my daily user. It is a big bargain in Hong Kong. It sells locally for HKD20.00. However, it sells in US for USD10.00!


Here is a picture of some Parker Quink inks accumulated by me in my office:


And during the past ten years, I have come across Parker Quink inks in four different packaging:-


1. Old Parker Quink ink, manufactured in UK

2. New Parker Quink ink, manufactured in France

3. New Parker Quink ink, manufactured in China

4. Latest Parker Quink ink, manufactured in France



Parker Penman Ink


Parker Penman ink has been discontinued for about 10 years. However, it is fondly remembered, especially its Sapphire which is a very bright and attractive blue colour.


Below are some photographs of my Parker Penman Sapphire:


Pelikan Toledo M900

Pelikan Toledo M900 is one of my favourite pens. I have several pieces, one of which happens to have a 20c nib.

This 20c nib Pelikan Toledo is thought to be the first edition of the Toledo M900 pens being offered for sale in Asia. It has three characteristics which make it different from the later versions:

1. Its cap band is imprinted with the words “W.- Germany”.

2. It has a 20 karat gold nib.

3. There is no 925 hallmark imprinted on the sleeve of the pen.

Here are some photos:








1. Pelikan M1000

2. Pelikan M800

3. Pelikan M700

4. Pelikan M200

5. Pelikan Culture Pen

6. Parker Duofold Centennial

7. Parker Duofold International

8. Parker Sonnet Cisele (with a Frontier nib)

9. Parker Insignia

10. Parker Vector

特寫 :




11. Waterman Phileas

12. Waterman Expert II

13. Sheaffer Legacy 2

14. Sheaffer Legacy

15. Sheaffer Targa

16. Sheaffer Balance

17. Sheaffer NoNonsense

18. Sheaffer Viewpoint

19. Sheaffer Snorkel

20. Cross Solo





21. Hero 100 (英雄100)

22. Hero 200 (英雄200)

23. Hero Hong Kong’s Return to Motherland (英雄香港回歸紀念筆)

24. Hero 343 (英雄343)

25. Wing Sung 400 (永生400)

26. Wing Sung 612 (永生612)

27. Emperor Calligraphic Pen (王者書法筆)

28. Manuscript Calligraphic Pen

29. Manuscript Calligraphic Pen

30. Parker Vacumatic




31. Pilot Vanishing Point (Capless)

32. Pilot 78G

33. Pilot Calligraphic Pen

34. Muji (無印良品)

35. Muji (無印良品)

36. Montblanc 146

37. Lamy 99

38. Aurora Optima

39. Recife Crystal

40. Lamy Joy








[ 犀飛利的舊裝墨水瓶]






Japanese Bookstore at Causeway Bay Sogo

There is a big Japanese Bookstore at 11th Floor of Causeway Bay Sogo. It has some Japanese books and magazines on pens for sale. I have recently bought these three:-






I do not read Japanese, but can figure out some meanings from the English and Chinese characters there. Besides, they are good photo directories.

The Yen conversion rate there is unfavourable to customers. However, if you just buy a few books occasionally, it is not a big problem.

Pen Stand

Some toothbrush stands can be used as pen stands. These are from Japan Home, selling at HKD11.90 each. There are two colours: one is transparent, the other is translucent blue. It is fun to convert daily stuff for pen uses.



萬寶龍大班筆84 (Montblanc Meisterstück 84)

當提到萬寶龍的大班筆(Montblanc Meisterstück) ,人們會立即聯想到14x系列。但其實在萬寶龍的歷史上,還有一個大班筆(Meisterstück)系列是由12 , 14 , 72 , 74 , 82 , 84 , 92和94組成的。

這個系列生產於上世紀的五、六十年代,它的筆尖是18K 的半暗尖,亦被稱為“蝴蝶尖”(butterfly nib) 。它有一個半透明的觀墨窗,大家一看會感覺到很熟識和親切,因為這款半透明的觀墨窗為某些永生筆所採用。這筆是用活塞式上水法,德系筆的典型上水方法。

x2系列的筆身較小,而x4系列的筆身較粗大。 1x的筆身和筆帽都是用塑膠做成的。 7x的筆身是用塑膠做成的,筆帽則是包金。 8x的筆身和筆帽都是包金的。 9x的筆身和筆帽是用14k金制做的。

全新的 x2或x4很難購得,二手的x2或x4間中可以在網上購得,價錢尚算合理。

順便一提,萬寶龍大班筆12系列,是由著名的德國設計家Graf von Goertz所設計,美國紐約現代美術館亦有收藏。

下面是我的二手萬寶龍大班筆84 號的一些照片: -