by Siufeng


Early Parker Duofold Centennial 1987


This is an early Parker Duofold Centennial in black with flat top, flat cap bands and engraved feathers on clip, date coded PC for 1987. It is fitted with a 14kt No. 41 Medium Arrow nib.



More on Waterman Man 100 Patrician


The Man 100 Patrician was produced by Waterman in 1993-1995 in three striking colours – cardinal red, green and blue. Nineteen layers of varnish and lacquer ensure its brilliance and depth. The cap is decorated with a pierced band, elegantly protecting this masterpiece of the Art Deco style. Highlighted with gold-plated trim, it is adorned with a mark recalling the original version of the 30s.

Lucky (Wing Sung) 215


Lucky was another brand name used by Wing Sung Pen of China. It was a premium brand used mainly for export purposes. If a pen was produced under both the Lucky brand and Wing Sung brand, the Lucky one was normally of better quality due to stricter quality control. Wing Sung Pen ceased production in 1999.

I have a Lucky 215 with 12kt Triumph nib and transparent section.  It was produced in 1980s and is regarded as one of the better pens produced by Wing Sung Pen. I have its nib custom ground to fine italic.


Montblanc Nikolai I


Refecting all the spendor of czarist Russia, Montblanc Nikolai I is crafted of vermeil and brilliant malachite and has an 18K nib.






Hero 892 Seashells


Hero 892 Seashells is a beautiful fountain pen manufactured by Hero Pen of China. It was produced in the late 1990s and has since been discontinued.

Cut linings of mother-of-pearl, abalone and other seashells are inlaid into the surface of the lacquered barrel and cap. They are randomly distributed so each pen is different from others. They show different colours under different lighting conditions. It is simply magnificent.

The pen has two versions: gold accents and chrome accents. The gold accents version is normally fitted with a 12k gold nib. The chrome accents version is fitted with a 12k gold nib or an unplated steel nib. The nib is semi-hooded.

The nib, feed and pump(converter) of Hero 892 Seashells are interchangeable with those of Parker 45.

Here are some pictures of the pen with chrome accents:






Waterman Man 100 Patrician (威廸文貴族Man 100)


Waterman Man 100 Patrician (威廸文貴族Man 100)有三色,目錄圖片如下:


此威廸文貴族Man 100和其它Man 100相比,有三大特色:

1. 筆身是用黃銅上漆,經人手上19層漆,色澤細膩奪目,有翠綠,珊瑚紅和寳石籃三色可供選擇,尤以前二者最為奪目,美豔不可芳物。

2. 筆環複用三十年代古董Patrician的縷空金屬筆環,有古典情懷。

3. 筆尾有金屬護甲,上刻地球牌標誌,做工精美,較諸舊裝Pelikan M800筆尾的金屬護甲尤勝多倍。


現貼上珊瑚紅的威廸文貴族Man 100圖片多張,以供參考。

第一代 Rotring 600G


第一代Rotring 600G 有銀色和黑色兩款:



85 Extra Broad (BB)
86 Extra Extra Broad (BBB)
87 Fine Oblique (OF)
88 Medium Oblique (OM)
89 Board Oblique (OB)
91 Extra Broad Oblique (OBB)
92 Extra Extra Broad Oblique (O3B)
94 Medium Italic (IM)
95 Board Italic (IB)
98 Fine Italic (IF)

我的席勒 (Schiller)